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Who we are

INFI is a privately-owned unicorn with a world-changing vision of redefining the future of AI by adding the factor of personality. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, INFI comprises an astute team of over 100 employees including AI expert developers and clinical psychologists.

What we do

EmpathAI ™—INFI’s personality-assessment AI platform utilizes validated psychological insights to explain, predict and change behavior. INFI, by providing a new layer of understanding of people improves the accuracy of predictive behavioral analytics AI systems. The company is poised to disrupt any industry embracing AI, by enabling brands and service providers to tailor interaction to personalities, motivators and mindset.

Who uses INFI

Brands and service providers worldwide are leveraging EmpathAI™‘s personality-driven engagement to seize untapped business opportunities, establish trust and loyalty on digital platforms, and increase performance and conversion.
With numerous worldwide customers and partners, including from the UK, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and Hong Kong, INFI adds high value to numerous business functions, including online sales, customer service, loyalty programs, vendor assessment, and HR.
INFI is positioned to disrupt any industry that requires human-machine interaction, including finance, eCommerce, healthcare, eLearning, and online marketplaces.
Using INFI in finance, service providers deliver unbeatable service by tailoring user experiences to personalities to enhance usability and satisfaction.
Using INFI in eCommerce, sellers customize offers to personalities to stimulate responsiveness to content and brands.
Healthcare providers use INFI to tailor patient journeys to personalities to increase treatment adherence, and to flag emotional and cognitive signs to prevent disease onset.


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8 Habarzel St. Tel Aviv, Israel