Story of Your Life
Each and every one of us has a life story.
But not everyone has the time and motivation to collect, upload and organize their life experiences so we often find our photos, videos and memories scattered across different devices, sites and social networks. As a result, some of these stories get lost or buried among piles of digital mess.

infibond automatically collects all your media from across the web and chronologically enters it on a beautiful timeline, so you can enjoy and share your life stories. infibond also makes these special moments accessible anywhere, anytime, even while you are offline.

Sharing on infibond is tailored to your social life: contacts are organized in groups, so you can easily share your stories with the relevant people so that when you share on infibond, you share it only with the ones that truly matter. No one outside your selected group will ever see your personal photos or read your stories.

So come on board and create your life story,
You’re just one click away.